Vase Dimension –
Approx. 11cm (H) x 11cm (W) /
Arrangement Dimension
– Approx. 32cm (H) x 30cm (W)

Flower vase comes with a carrier and complimentary message card. 

Note: Photo is for illustration purposes. Please note that each bloom and bud is unique, do expect slight changes as every flower grows differently and filler flowers are subject to availability. Rest assured that we will bring the best look out from the the flowers we’ve picked by hand!

Purchase & earn 600 petals!


Flower Care:

  • Keep it indoors, away from sunlight
  • Keep it at well-ventilate space
  • Best to keep in cool & dry place with Silica Gel / Dehumidifiers
  • Avoid water & humid places
  • Dust off by gently brushing it with brushes or a soft duster

Do note that preserved & dried flowers are 100% real flowers which are natural materials that would give in to humidity and sunlight. Do not press, bend, or squash the petals or stems as they are delicate. Their best condition period is between 1-3 months, however it would depend on the humidity of the environment as well. It would be good to place them in air-conditioned or dry & well ventilated places and avoid direct sunlight. Usually preserved & dried flowers would last longer in glass dome. With proper care, they can last to a year or more.


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